When it comes to the topic of SCHOOL SHOOTER we are seeing two themes being suggested for training or education in the prevention of an active shooting event.

1. HIDE. FLIGHT. FIGHT. This methodology is presented by Homeland Security and is adopted by most law enforcement.

2. Recognize and vocalize known cases of mental illness present in the school/ workforce and focus on these individuals to spot erratic behaviors.

The first method, which is the current accepted training, is a reaction to an active shooter and will most definitely result in mass casualties and does nothing to prevent mass casualties. 

The second method focuses on a segment of the population that is rarely the shooter/ aggressor and is more often then any other group to be a victim. This is according to research done by the FBI.

 In our opinion both current methods fail the general public miserably, and neither methodology does anything to stop an active shooting event. 

However, in every case of an active shooting there has been a common denominator. That common denominator is a person with an escalation in their level of aggression, no matter what the trigger. In fact you simply have to watch the news 2-3 days after the event to hear how someone now noticed the shooters increased level of  aggression. If we know that elevated aggression is a key indicator, then it would  be safe to say with adequate training on aggression management for front line administrators, teachers, counselors, coaches, SRO's and active parents, we would be able to qualitatively, as well as quantitatively recognize a persons level of escalation in aggression. If your personnel were armed with a verifiable, scientifically proven methodology in which to respond, we absolutely can prevent the next active shooter. 

Our system is not a thrown together program to address a need. It is evidence based, backed by over 25 years of scientific research then put in a simple to use package that any organization can implement.

The program we represent is called CAPS (Critical Aggression Prevention System) which was created by an organization dedicated to one mission--Understand aggression, create a system to identify levels of aggression, then offer the correct response to the observer to make the system easy to use.

Also included in our school package is a feature rich app customized with your school logo, history, and customized features specific to your school. Your personalized app comes with built in safety features allowing students, teachers and all personnel the ability to send an emergency message with one touch. When this message is sent the security personnel will know who sent the message and where that person is located. This location can be pin pointed without the need for Bluetooth or WiFi beacon assistance. Administration can send mass notifications of a pending emergency to all who carry the school app, which could include parents as well. The next security feature is a general reporting button allowing anyone with the school app to report suspicious behavior instantly to proper authorities such as law enforcement, administration, or on site safety personnel. These additional safety features round out our three step safety system for schools. However, the features built into our app do not stop there. Additional features include group safety which is a feature that allows students on a field trip to have one touch access to guardians designated for a trip, mass communication capabilities, and a unique feature is access to onsite security away from campus. This includes places such as a mall, hospital, hotel, travel centers, and many more that are apart of our network. 

With all of these features the most incredible part of our program is our marketing team. We immediately go to work for your school to find funding for this robust system. In many cases this complete package is a minimal investment if not fully funded. Your school gets three applications which include a school safety app, a reporting app, and the CAPS program. This complete package is over $275,000 worth of technology and developmental cost.

SUN LITE SECURITY PRODUCTS has two objectives. One, educate the general public on the most effective methods to keep you safe. Two, offer one location where a consumer can go and get the best products to use in preventing them from becoming a victim. Our three step system that includes CAPS is the only program we not only felt comfortable representing, but the only program we believe can save your life.